Let the sun pay your electricity bill

Own your solar plant with complete peace of mind and low cost of ownership with our one stop shop for finance, engineering, procurement, installation and asset monitoring

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Why aerem

Why choose Aerem

Hassle free process

End-to-end digital journey from loan processing , tracking plant construction to traking energy output

Certified installer network

Match with our list of trusted Installers to execute plant construction with the best quality standards

Comprehensive interest rates starting from 8.5% flat

Get lucrative solar financing with competetive intrestrates and with a 72 hrs loan santioning window

Minimum documentation

Fully automated & digital processf for quick loan disursments with minimal documentation requirement


GST benefits

Take advantage of Input Tax Credit and subsuidies your CapEX


Know the pulse of your plant

Get real-time updates, generation reports and summarized dashboards from our remote monitoring platform AEROC

Benefits of Choosing Aerem

Own your solar plant through our comprehensive solution and experience complete peace of mind with low cost of ownership - easy financing, quality installation and asset monitoring


Complicated & slow process causes frustration & delays in getting s solar plant

Aerem’s Solution

Loans at competitive rates delivered digitally through seamless, quick & transparent process


Complexity of determining the optimal system size without expert guidance leads to inefficient design

Aerem’s Solution

Technical experts to deliver optimal designs tailored to the specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance


Difficulty of choosing quality solar equipment at right price and getting those delivered in time

Aerem’s Solution

In-house solar e-commerce platform enables on-time delivery of competitively priced high-quality solar equipment


Intricacy of identifying a reliable and trustworthy EPC partner

Aerem’s Solution

excellent workmanship and installation quality delivered by every one of our EPC partners selected based on strict qualifying criteria


Poor visibility of progress & insufficient quality checks & challenges of coordination between multiple stakeholders

Aerem’s Solution

Tech enabled project management with quality checks at each step and coordination handled by experts who know the nuances


Poor system performance and suboptimal ROI due to improper monitoring and maintenance

Aerem’s Solution

High performing solar system maximizing ROI enabled by holistic monitoring and maintenance empowered by AeROC app with real time monitoring, saving tracking, alerts, reports

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All your Solar Needs, One Single App

Aerem App

Track your complete solar journey with Aerem on your fingertips

What customers say

Customer testimonials

star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating
Aerem truly stands by its promise as our 'Solar Saathi.' Their leads, quick solar financing, design and procurement support and essential training has been a game-changer for us.

Mr. Darshan Shah


star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating
We are happy with our association with Aerem. Their entire scope of offerings like, financing for our customers, procurement credit and technical assistance has helped us take on more projects and grow our business.

Mr. Krishna

Dynamic Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating
Aerem's easy solar financing and design support provides us with strategic depth. They almost act like an indispensable extension of our team.

Mr. Ashok Rajkumar

Balaji Renewables

star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating
We acknowledge the impact Aerem brings to our business. We are doing new installation with leads, procurement support and supply chain financing from Aerem.

Mr. Arjun Paul

Concept Solar

star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating
Aerem’s solar financing and procurement support, has created an evolving partnership that goes beyond the conventional.

Mr. Ajay Mundada

Niva Ecotech

star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating
The Aerem team understands our business needs thoroughly and is very supportive with their procurement support and supply chain financing.

Mr. Sundar Iyer

SKS Cleantech


Ask us anything

Does Aerem provide loans for the installation of solar projects?

Yes, Aerem offers financing solutions for the installation of solar projects through its wholly owned subsidiary, NetZero Finance Pvt Ltd. Whether you're a large corporation or a small business, Aerem provides accessible financing options to help you transition to sustainable energy.

What kind of MSMEs should adopt solar?

Any Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) should consider adopting solar energy solutions. By harnessing solar power, MSMEs can effectively reduce their operational costs and enhance their sustainability practices.

Do you finance rooftop solar PV projects for residential customers?

Absolutely! Aerem offers financing solutions tailored to meet the needs of individual residential customers seeking to install rooftop solar PV systems.

Do you ask for any collateral for financing?

No, Aerem does not require any collateral for financing. We believe in making the process as accessible as possible for our customers, ensuring that they can embrace clean energy solutions without unnecessary barriers.

What documents do I have to submit to get financing?

The documentation required for financing may vary based on individual circumstances. To understand the specific documents needed for your project, please visit this link for detailed information or contact our team for personalized assistance.

What interest rates do you charge for loans?

Aerem offers competitive interest rates tailored to the unique credit profiles of our customers. Our aim is to provide affordable financing options that facilitate the adoption of solar energy without placing undue financial burden.

What is the tenure of your loans?

Our loan tenure extends up to 5 years, providing flexibility and convenience for businesses to manage their repayments effectively while enjoying the benefits and savings of solar energy adoption.

What project sizes do you finance?

Aerem does not impose any restrictions on the size of projects eligible for financing. Whether your project is small-scale or large-scale, we are committed to supporting your transition to renewable energy.

Can you help me find a reliable installer?

Certainly! Aerem is dedicated to facilitating a seamless transition to solar energy for our customers. We can assist you in connecting with experienced and reliable installers who can efficiently execute your solar project to the highest standards.

How do you ensure that the solar plant is of good quality?

At Aerem, we prioritize quality assurance through our stringent standards and processes. Our solar projects adhere to AAA standards, ensuring that each installation meets the highest industry benchmarks for efficiency, durability, and performance.

Can I monitor my plants after they are commissioned?

Yes, you can! Aerem provides a user-friendly Aerem App that enables you to monitor your solar plants remotely with ease. Simply download the app from the Play Store or App Store to access real-time data and insights on your solar energy production.