Aerem Remote Operations Centre

AEROC is India’s only true hardware agnostic solar performance monitoring portal, helping you to unleash the true potential of solar energy. ​

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AeROC Features

Aerem Remote Operations Control

AeROC's advanced capabilities surpasses the basic monitoring functionalities typically found in traditional solar monitoring portals.

Energy trends

Monitor energy output and savings trends of your solar plant

Analysis & reports

Monitor energy generation to optimize performance, assess financial viability, and track environmental impact of your solar plant

Smart diagnostics  & predictive maintenance

Enable proactive identification of issues, reducing downtime, optimizing performance, and ensuring efficient operation of solar infrastructure.

Solar portfolio management

AeROC is hardware agnostic & has more than 15 inverter & datalogger brands integrated, with more brands being added regularly.​ Users can monitor their entire solar portfolio from a single dashboard.

Map view of live status of plants in portfolio

AeROC provides real-time geographic visualization, enhancing monitoring efficiency and facilitating quick assessment of solar plant performance across different locations.


What our customers say

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“Ever since we started using the platform, managing projects has become a breeze. The tools are intuitive and have streamlined our operations. Truly a game-changer!”

Rajeev Sharma
CEO, Suntech EPC Services, New Delhi
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Get a complete understanding of your rooftop solar performance. AeROC gives you the tools to understand the pulse of your plant on your fingertips.